• The 2022 Pinot Noir Clone Collection

The 2022 Pinot Noir Clone Collection

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This is a special 6 pack collection of our Pinot Noir wines. The collection highlights clonal differences when farming practices, winemaking processes and terroir are identical.

In 2022, we vinified and bottled 2 barrels of each of the four Pinot Noir clones: Dijon 115, Dijon 777, Pommard 91 and Ancestor 01.  We have included a bottle of each clone in this pack and 2 bottles of our Estate Blend from 2022 to round out this special collection.

We hand picked each Clone individually between October 19-29.  As in 2020, we used the exact same wine making process and the exact same Burgundian Barrels (2nd fill DAMY Meursault AM3Y Medium) for each Clone.  We destemmed the fruit and started whole berry fermentation with a Burgundian yeast in open top fermentors.  The wine was lightly fined with egg whites, following traditional French methods.  The wine was not filtered, so you can expect the wine to appear cloudy in the short term and sediment over the medium term.

Our previous Clone Collection from 2020 received critical acclaim by wine critics:

We hope you enjoy exploring the differences with each of these wines and we look forward to hearing about your favourite!